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Adobe - ensuring we are on-charging the correct amount

Looks like Adobe give you a window of a month before the renewal date (e.g 12th Feb to 11th March if renewal date is March 12th) to make any adjustments to license numbers in the portal before it renews for the next year.    

Things we need to be aware of it doing removals of Adobe licenses for clients.

  1. If a client wants to cancel a license but committed for a year, MAC can be update if someone puts a reminder in their calendar to actually cancel the license when the window to do so opens up – looks like this is only for teams, clients that have individual invoice’s for each license the option to cancel in the portal seems to be available.  The other option who be to call the support center to get the license(s) cancelled which I believe can be done anytime.
  2. Make sure we are on-charging clients what we are paying.

 Clients with Adobe and how we on-charge:

  • Bathurst – have a set price per license in MAC, so if licenses are removed in MAC but not in Adobe portal we end up covering cost of these licenses.  Also as the price we charge is a NZ dollar amount to cover the price we are charged on the credit card including currency conversion fees and foreign currency transactions, I keep an eye on this to make sure we are not losing out on money but also not overcharging the client.  This will be something that whoever takes over doing the credit card and billing will need to be aware of.
  • Colliers International/New Plymouth Commercial Realty – same situation as Bathurst above
  • Excel/Wrapt – same situation as Bathurst above
  • Hazardco – we on-charge exactly what we are charged on credit card so no losing out on $ but just be aware license numbers in MAC will be less than what we are invoiced for if they have removed licenses during the year.  Need to check MAC against latest invoice just before renewal date (12th March) and maybe confirm with client what they want to commit to for the year.
  • Just Paterson – same as Hazardco above.
  • Kineo – have a set price per license in MAC, as similar to Bathurst but not on Teams so individually invoiced for each license so seems we can cancel the license in the portal at any time if required.
  • The CVL – Set price per license, just have one license.   Accounts person just needs to ensure the set price is in line with the exchange rate and fees.
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