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Create a VPN on an Apple Mac

  • Open System Preferences and then Network
  • Click the + symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the window
  • Select VPN

  • Change the VPN type to PPTP
  • Change the Service name to the name of you company
  • Click create
  • Type in the server address as directed by your support technician
  • Set the account name which is generally your username for your company logon
  • Click the Authentication button and type in your password
  • Click the box to Show VPN status in the menu bar
  • Click Apply
  • You should now see the network symbol in your top right hand status bar
  • Click the network symbol


  • Click the "Company" name
  • Click the network symbol, it will show a timer if connected
  • To disconnect click the network symbol and Disconnect "Company"

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