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Renewal jobs in Workflowmax

Clients often have a number of yearly renewals or subscriptions.  In order to manage these at the time of ordering we create a new renewal template which is set to open a new job a month before the renewal is due.  It will automatically add the relevant cost information.


1. Once a quote is accepted by the client for software that will need to renewed you will need to create a template job.

2. Navigate to the information tab and from the options drop down select Save job as Template.

3. A new job template window will appear.  Adjust the template name to the following:  Renewal-[Client name] - [Name of the quote].  Leave all other setting as they are.

4. This will send you back to the original quote.  You now need to setup a recurrence schedule so that the template is populated when the next renewal is due.

5. From the jobs tab select Job Manager.  In this window you can see all open jobs however there are tabs which allow you to search other types of jobs.   Select recurring.

6.  From the left hand task bar select "New Recurring Job"

7. A new window will open where you can specify the details about this job - Fill in the following:

  • Repeat - How often you want the job to occur for most renewals this will be 12 months
  • Next date - When you next want the job to be created. This will be in 11 or 12 months time. Use the calendar to navigate to the relevant date and ensure you set it to the first of the month.
  • End date - Leave this as no end date
  • Client - Select the client - In our example NZ Drug
  • Contact - Is not required by may automatically populate
  • Teamplate - The template we created earlier, from the drop down scroll to renewal and then locate the correct renewal.
  • Name - This will be pre-populated to be the same as the template name.  Please delete Renewal and Client name - Leaving only the name of the quote.
  • Duration - Change this to 1 month
  • Staff - Select Nicole

*If a field was not mentioned above it is not required.

8. Select save. Nothing else is required, this template will now automatically create a new job with all the relevant tasks attached in March next year when the renewal is due.




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