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Mailstore - Accessing Archived Emails



MailStore will automatically archive any email which is over 90 days old and then remove them from your mailbox. To search for or browse archived email’s follow the simple instructions below.

Microsoft Outlook


  • Outlook 2007 will show a new toolbar from which you simply type in the word/s you wish to search on and then tap enter on your keyboard




  • Outlook 2010 will display a new tab called MailStore, simply click the tab and then type in the word/s you wish to search on and tap enter on your keyboard



Searching tips and tricks


You can search anything using Mailstore such as subject line, keywords or the From/Sent to address

When searching by an email address ensure you enter the full email address

The more information you enter the more refined your search will be

Alternatively you can click on the Browse Archive button, this will display your familiar folder structure you have setup in your inbox so you can just browse to the email by folders

Once you have located the email you wish to restore click on the Restore Message icon, you will be prompted with a dialogue box. You then click and drag the envelope into the email folder you wish to restore the email to


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