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Renewals - End to end process

Renewals are any software subscriptions we or our clients have signed up for, as such we need to provide quotes for renewal.  This information needs to be collected from the supplier, quoted by us and passed onto the customer.


Below is an overview of the renewals process with step by step instructions



Step 1 – Gathering emails and renewal jobs.


  1. Open the template renewals email, this is used to send out to the team to inform them of that their clients have renewals due and get them to do the necessary checks before proceeding- Template email
  2. 1st check renewals inbox, noting anything that might be due in your table.
  3. 2nd check workflowmax. Open workflow max, go to the jobs tab > job manager. Working through the list of jobs, add to your list any clients with jobs open for renewal. i.e. – these will normally say renewal.
  4. See the client allocations table article to help you determine who the lead tech is for each site
  5. Once complete send the email off to all lead techs.
  • First domains renewals, follow this link. Ensure that all domain names due to expire in the next 1- 2 months are on the list (email hasn’t been missed)

Step 2 – Create quote for each renewal.


  1. Check if there is an existing job in workflow max, if not create a new job and quote, use these instructions


Step 3 – Quotes to John for QA.

  1. Email John a link to all quote numbers to QA when ready.

Step 4 – Send quote to customer via email.


  1. Click on print quote on the left-hand side, don’t change any settings and select print.
  2. A preview will appear, select export to PDF on the left-hand side. Quote will then download on bottom left of screen. Drag into new email to add as an attachment.
  3. Copy the template email from dropbox > company > Templates > Emails to Clients > Renewals email.
  4. Get client contact email/name from workflow max. Customise template email i.e. name/software name.
  5. Double check the correct quote then send off to client.

Step 5 – Client approves quote.

  1. Receive email from client, confirming renewal. Go into workflow max. Either search the quote number or go to the financial tab and then quote manager. Select the quote and then select accepted from the bottom of the quote.
  2. Go into financial tab > Select purchase order (follow instructions here

Step 6 – Order renewal.


  1. If pricing confirmed by emailing the supplier, then respond to their email asking them to proceed using the PO as the reference.
  2. If pricing was confirmed by going to the supplier website i.e. 1st Domains, then proceed to website and order as usual.

Tips and tricks



 Step 7 – Save order confirmation


  1. If the credit card is used save a PDF copy of the invoice (this will be emailed to the renewals inbox ) save to dropbox > Finance > CC receipt > relevant folder i.e. April 2017 > Use PO # as file name. No confirmation needs to be saved in dropbox. This is just for financial purposes.
  2. If credit card is not used an invoice will be sent to Erika. A copy of the renewal confirmation will be sent once processed, this should be saved in the relevant drop box client folder, under Licenses or licenses orders folder.

Please note: If renewal jobs have not been in the WFMax list of renewals you should set the current job to auto-populate in 12 months time as this saves a lot of work.  Follow instructions Renewal jobs in Wworkflowmax.

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