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Managing Megabyte Thunder Spam Services

Thunder Spam and Email Control

 Under the Megabyte Thunder spam filtering service, you can control what happens to email that gets quarantined including adding email to your White list (letting email through the spam filter if they are being blocked) and your black list (blocking spam email that may have got through).


When an email is caught in the spam filter it gets quarantined.  Each morning you will receive an email which details all emails that have been quarantined, the email will look like this:

Subject: Megabyte Spam Filter Summary: [10 message(s)]


  • To release an email – Select releaase in the far right hand coloum, the released email will then appear in your inbox shortly afterwards


  • To delete an email – Select delete, the email will then be removed, please note once it has been deleted CANNOT BE RESTORED.


To add an email to the whitelist


The whitelist is a list of approved email addresses, so if you notice that you have emails from a particular address that continually get caught in Spam it may be worth adding them to the whitelist.

  • Navigate to a recent spam filter summary email, and under the "Other:” heading select click here

  • The link will open the following webpage

  • Select the email you wish to whitelist and right click and select whitelist


To add an email to the blacklist


The blacklist is the oposite of the the whitelist, if you continue to receiving Spam summary’s for emails that you do not wish you to receive it may be worth adding them to the blacklist.

  • Follow the first two steps in the instruction above
  • Select the email you wish to blacklist and right click and select blacklist



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